The Current Strength of the Canadian Dollar

The Canadian dollar is trading not far from its 30 year highs (or conversely 30 year lows for USD/CAD). As this chart illustrates, this is a huge reason to consider investing now.
To take that final step and fulfill your Florida dream 
Our Exclusive Rental-Maintenance Program:

We have hundreds of clients who have participated in our worry-free Rental/Maintenance Program. This is a win-win situation where we will rent your home on a short term basis (weekly/monthly), to eager vacationers from all over the world. You get to use your home when you want and we rent it out the rest of the time. The Rental Income you receive from your tenants can help support your mortgage, maintenance, and taxes of the property while the market value of your property goes up! It doesn’t get any better than that!

We understand that many of our Homeowners who participate in this program are thousands of miles away from their investment. So we ensure that your home is well looked after and provide a full Pool, Lawn Maintenance and Cleaning Service. Your home is cleaned after each renter and restocked with clean bedding and towels. The pool is tended to on a weekly basis and the lawn is maintained as per seasonal growth...The cost of this valuable service is included in the rental commission we deduct from the rental gross income we generate.

The Limited Opportunity to save Thousands of Dollars:

As an incentive for new Construction, Charlotte County Government lowered Impact Taxes back to 2005 rates. This means a savings of $2000.00 –$7.000.00 (depending on model square footage). Effective until October 2008.

Lower Lot Prices:

We still have a nice inventory of fine lots available that have been reduced as much as 15,000.00 per lot. We also have access to a wide inventory of Realty-Listed Waterfront properties that are at the lowest price they have been since the peak. With our growing inventory of Waterfront  Rental homes, and if you’ve ever dreamed of owning a fine residence on the water. this may be an option to consider while prices are low.

Low Mortgage Interest Rates 

As this graph demonstrates, Interest rates have been at their lowest over the past couple of years, with some minor fluctuation.  And they're getting lower!
Leverage enables you to utilize the money you have available to invest to make the biggest
financial impact possible. Although there are many investment options available, real estate is one of the few that allow you to finance your purchase. This doesn’t work in the stock market. Imagine trying to buy $250,000 of stock using none of your own money - Real estate investors have access to an investment opportunity that is incomparable. We can put you in touch with trusted Financial Institutions, offering very competitive mortgage terms and rates.

Demand: The demand for Florida property remains very strong with no end in sight for the next 10 years. Why? Because of a number of factors.  Every day, 10,000 people in this
country turn 55. The 78 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964 are gradually
reaching retirement age and many are turning to Florida. This segment of the population will
continue to drive the market for at least the next 10 years.

Location: They say Real Estate is all about location and no place has a better location then
Port Charlotte. You have everything you could ever want in the area while still not having to
experience the hustle-bustle of a large City. You´re within a reasonable driving distance
from attractions like Disney World and Busch Gardens, major airports, big Cities, as well as a short distance to the beautiful sugar-sand beaches of the Gulf Coast. Port Charlotte is still a bargain compared to most areas located North and South of us. We consider our little area to be one of “Florida’s best kept Secrets”. But word is spreading fast!
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